Mobile Drinking Water Production

During an emergency having an ample water supply is the no. 1 priority.

Meeds Environmental’s inventive mobile systems for generation of potable drinking water have been designed to produce safe drinking water in the field at a cost of only cents per gallon.
The systems can be mobilized quickly and can be a critical component in disaster relief programs and other areas where access to clean water has been compromised.
Three standard systems are available*:
PW-5: Generates 5 gallons per minute of potable water (approximately 300 gallons in 1 hour). Compact size allows the system to be mounted on a small pick up truck.
PW-15: Generates 15 gallons per minute of potable water (approximately 900 gallons in 1 hour)
PW-50: Generates 50 gallons per minute of potable water (approximately 3000 gallons in 1 hour)

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Clear Innovation

filtration flow chart

Meeds Environmental’s mobile water treatment facility for potable water removes or reduces the following contaminants, with a 0.9 micron filtration rating:

  • 99.99% removal of bacteria (E Coli, Cholera, Shigella, Typhoid, Klebsiella Terrigena)
  • 99.99% removal of cysts (cryptosporidium, giardia)
  • Chlorine reduction of over 95%
  • Organics reduction of over 95%
  • Turbidity reduction of over 98%

*Larger systems are available upon request, Contact Us to learn more.