Meeds Environmental combines world leading technology with safe and reliable design to provide our customer with the treatment solution they need. Browse our various products and services below and click through to view more detailed information.

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Permanent installations for Industrial and Commercial Stormwater Treatment

A New Solution For Industrial & Commercial Sites Storm Water Treatment
Meeds Environmental’s industrial stormwater treatment systems combine industry-leading technology with customized options for treatment, water storage capacity and monitoring. Our treatment solutions protect the environment and make state of the art water treatment affordable for small and large sites. learn more

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Mobile Water Treatment Systems

Meeds Environmental provides a complete line of mobile treatment solutions that protect the environment, communities, and habitats surrounding development sites.
Our Chitosan enhanced sand filtration treatment systems utilize biodegradable non-toxic material and are used to effectively treat water in many various sectors. learn more

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Potable Systems

Meeds Environmental’s inventive mobile systems for generation of potable drinking water have been designed to produce safe drinking water in the field at a cost of only cents per gallon.
The systems can be mobilized quickly and can be a critical component in disaster relief programs and other areas where access to clean water has been compromised. learn more

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Wheel Wash Systems

Save time and money from costly street cleaning and liabilities tracking mud, dust, and dirt onto public roads from construction sites with our wheel wash solutions. learn more

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Storage Tank Solutions

Meeds Environmental rent and sell tanks to suit your specific needs. We can supply tanks in sizes ranging from 500 to 20,000 gallons. Our experienced water treatment technicians know how to match and modify every tank to meet the demands for your specific site. learn more

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Concrete Washout Containers

Our concrete washout containers are designed to securely contain concrete washwater and solids, and are portable and reusable for your convenience. All our concrete washout containers exceed the requirements for the EPA NPDES permit program and SWPPP guidelines. learn more